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Welcome To QSAP

QSAP is a professional association under the title QUANTITY SURVEYORS ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN. It is a non-political and non-profit forum for professionals.


As the name suggests, this is a technical professional forum with a vision to provide inspirational and motivational support to its members who come from various backgrounds – representing working professionals with different organizational characteristics. Nevertheless, their professional expertise and competencies can be encapsulated under the versatile profession of Quantity Surveying; especially within the functions of Contracts & Claims Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Commercial, Cost, and Estimation, Built Environment Economics & Financial Management. 

As quantity surveyors, everything we do is underpinned by the development of the body of knowledge and understanding around quantity surveying practices. The chronicle evolution of quantity surveying profession is spread over decades - perhaps centuries; from fragmented estimation (then called 'measurer') based on measurements to a radical & robust study-based expertise.

In today's industrial landscape; including civil engineering works, construction and development projects, urban planning and built environment projects; quantity surveyors carry the ownership of crucial decisions pertaining to financial forecasting, commercial management, sourcing function and contractual responsibilities in a variety of business units across various departments.

Industries are dynamic with a new bundle of customer desires - quantity surveying profession continues to evolve! This knowledge is integral to our long-term career strategy and reputation as an expert on issues within quantity surveying domain. Further; our insight and professional intelligence enable us to visualize and be prepared for the leading-edge practice of the future.

QSAP as a forum not only guides its members to achieve excellence in their professional careers but also provides growth avenues to develop further skills and competencies in line with the possible future diversifying industry demands; focusing on core capabilities while at the same time extending other necessary interpersonal skills; re-defining their new roles and responsibilities.