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Well; it was not too long ago!


In the autumn of 2007, a small group of individuals started their Master of Science degree program in Heriot Watt University Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


During their post graduate studies and considering the dynamic surroundings; these self-motivated individuals had one thing in common; they always felt the lack of a unified platform where professional issues could be addressed; in an industrial environment where civil engineering, construction and built environment projects form a noticeable portion of national economic landscape.


It was a dream of five Pakistani Quantity Surveyors; Laeeq Hassan, Mohammad Faisal Chaudhary, Syed Mubaraz, Imtiaz Ashraf & Mohammad Azam; and - certainly - they realized their dream.


The necessity of such platform, specially focusing on quantity surveying profession, justified the formation of a forum. Initially, they formed a small group in 2007 which was limited to the fellow students and close circle of colleagues at work; connected together with personal meetings at university and using a group email list. With their continued efforts during 2008-09, as the word got out; extended reach enabled them to meet other Pakistani graduate and post graduate students in the campus with similar thought and intellectual approach.


The founder members laid the foundation of the reality of their dream and agreed to name this nascent forum as Quantity Surveyors Association of Pakistan - QSAP.


It is a non-political and non-profit forum to motivate its members in further developing their professional skills in quantity surveying field and to support them in their efforts to adhere to industry best practices for their self-betterment and for society alike.


Their journey continued, all of the founder members successfully graduate in 2010 having conferred upon the title and degree of Master of Science. Nevertheless, their passion for QSAP grew stronger.


The new job responsibilities and cross-border relocations could not hinder their individual efforts for a collective success of QSAP - our Moto.


The Vision and Mission statements are true reflection of QSAP founder members' dreams. Based on the similar attributes, Objectives, Values and Code of Ethics were put in place for all members to follow.


During 2011-13, hundreds of members joined QSAP from around the world belonging to various nationalities. Our members are also affiliated with other international professional bodies and institutes.


Our members not only actively participate in QSAP periodic events but also take part in other similar forums; promoting QSAP for the mutual benefit. The management of QSAP respects the professional interests of its members and other similar forums.